An explosive couple that combines absurd comedy and a high level of circus skill.

Their professionalism, their particular aesthetics, the powerful personality of both characters, the relationship that is generated with the audience and the artistic originality make this company unique in its kind.
All this and much more is what has led them to travel around the world nonstop, successfully performing at more than 100 International Circus Festivals in 35 different countries.

This fun diva dominates her hula hoops like a soccer player the ball. “Nina” not only suprises with her high technical performances (hard to find in a street show and with an international level), also with her huge charisma and her scenic presence -she is a light on stage- (according to her mama).

He is not only one meter and ninety five centimeters of energy, he is not only a spectacular face with incredible gesticulation, he is not only a hip movement, he is capable of getting all the audience into his pocket in the first five minutes of improvisation, and, even if no one believes it (not even him) he is an excellent hooper!.

Much more than physical comedy and hula hoops!

BORSKA is the name of an old circus family of which only these two characters have remained: Nina, a diva who wants to perform her act at all cost as if she were in her heyday and Katrasca, a clown with little to do, that he will try to «help» her, but that even if he tries, he will not be able to stop messing up.

A show that talks about obstacles and how to overcome them (and even how to benefit from them), because as the saying goes: «a calm sea never made a sailor an expert».

The way of combining circus skill, dramaturgy and non-verbal humor makes the viewer (regardless of their origin or age) laugh, be amazed and get emotional at the same time.

A very versatile show, which does not have many technical requirements and suitable for all audiences.

• May 12-14. Aufgetischt St. Gallen, Switzerland.
• May 19-21. Hut Festival, Chemnitz, Germany.
• May 26. Festival Love, Scandiano, Italy.
• June 1-4. Stromboli, Hall in Tirol, Austria.
• June 9-11. Open Festival, Mantova, Italy.
• July 12. Teatro improbabile, Italy.
• July 20-22. Pflasterspektakel, Linz, Austria.
• July 29-30. Fontanincanto, Fontanellato, Italy.
• August 4. CircenDolomites, Italy.
• August 12-13. StrassenkunsFestival, Essen, Germany.
• August 19-20. Stra Festival, Italy.
• August 25. Festival Fantasia, Genzano di Roma, Italy.
• August 26. La Buskeria, Fermo, Italy.
 • October 25-31. International Mime and Clown Festival, Incheon, South Korea.
• May 25-26. Pinneberger Kleinkunst Festival, Germany.
• June 1-2. Non solo pezzi di legno, Italy.
• June 13-16. Artisti in piazza, Pennabilli, Italy.
• June 21-23. La notte delle streghe, Italy.
• June 27. Zirkusmond Varieté, Fusion festival, , Germany.
• July 5-7. Onderstroom, Holland.
• July 13. Caleidoscopio, Colonella, Italy.
• July 16-21. Gallura Buskers Festival, Itlay.
• July 31. Circo Paniko, Itlay.
• August 2. Varieté Circo Paniko, Fosso di Vico, Italy.
• August 3. La notte Saracena, Mercato Saraceno, Italy.
• August 16-18. Schloss-spektakel, Germany.
• August 19-21. H. C. Andersen Festival, Denmark.
• August 22-24. Festival des Artistes de rue de Vevey, Switzerland.
• August 30-31. Záleská divadelná put, Slovakia.
• September 6-8. Buskers Wien, Austria.
• September 13-15. Bajocco, Italy.
• September 21-22. XXII Festival Internacional Artes Esénicas de Guayaquil, FiartesG, Ecuador.
• September 27-29 and October 6. Escenarios del mundo, Ecuador.
• November 1-10. Festival de circo de Brasil, Recife, Brazil.
• November 14-24. Festival de circo de Ceará, Brazil.
• November 27. SESC Paraiba, Mostra Sesc Aríus de teatro da rua, Brazil.
• December 1. Festival dos Inhamuns, Brazil.

• May 17,18. Cu´fus Festival, Samobor, Croatia.
• June 8-10. Festival Asfaltart, Merano, Italy.
• June 16,17. Spiccioli Festival di teatro di Strada, Bataglia Terme, Italy.
• July 4-11. Biogard Street Music Festival, Croatia.
• July 12. FUC, Croatia.
• July 13. FUC, Croatia.
• July 14,15. Festival deglio artisti di strada, Marotta, Italy.
• July 20, 21. Travermunde, Germany.
• July 28, 29. La Strada Augsburg, Germany.
• August 4, 5. Kulturina, Germany.
• August 10, 11. Murenschalk, Austria.
• August 15. Ferragosto, Pennabilli, Italy.
• August 16. Fiuminarte, Fiuminata, Italy.
• August 17. Che Jella, Ripatransone, Italy.
• August 18. Il Paese dei Ballochi, Fano, Italy.
• August 23-25. Cucu Fest, Roana y Coreano, Italy.
• August 31, 1 – September 1, 2. La luna nell pozzo, Caorle, Italy.
• September 7. Kunsten Op Straat, Wierden, Holland.
• September 8. Kunste Op Straat, Almelo, Holland.
• September 15. Ettelbrooklyn, Ettelbrook, Luxembourg.
• September 21, 22. MamamitaFest, Alghero, Sardegna, Italy.
• December 1, 2. Butterworth fringe festival, Penang, Malaysia.
• December 8, 9. Johor, Malaysia.

• April 27-May 14. International Mime and Clown Festival, Incheon, Korea.
• May 18-20. Strassenkunst Festival, Wiener Neustadt, Austria.
• May 26-30. Shows in the circus tent of Circo Paniko, Reggio Emilia, Italy.
• June 9-10. BuskersChur, Chur, Switzerland.
• June 17-18. Cyrcopole, FAMA, Wroclaw, Poland.
• June 22-25. 23 International Street Theater of Arkhangelsk, Archangel, Russia.
• June 30. International gademusik and goglerevent, Esbjerg, Denmark.
• July 1. Uldum Gademusik Festival, Denmark.
• July 9. Gramoofon, Brzesc Kujaqski, Poland.
• July 12-16. 30° Mercantía, Certaldo, Italy.
• July 26-28. INART, Montenegro.
• July 29-30. Buschersdeis, Vernasca, Italy.
• August 4-6. Il Paese dei balocchi, Rosignano, Italy.
• August 7. Sognambula, Castagneto Carducci, Italy.
• August 12-13. Bondone in Strada, Bondone, Italy.
• August 14. Favolando per le valli, Castiglione dei Pepoli, Italy.
• August 19. Kultur auf des Strasse, Neu Ulm, Germany.
• August 25-27. FOF, Offida, Italy.
• September 1-2. StrasenFestival, Werne an der Lippe, Germany.
• September 8-9. Pflasterzauber, Hildesheimer, Germany.
• September 29-October 1. Clown&Clown Festival, Monte San Giusto, Italy.
• October 8. Le fiere del Teatro, Sarmede, Italy.
• October 12. San Pedro Clown, Argentina.

• April 3-4. Ragam Festival, Calicut, India.
• May 13-16. International Kleinkunst Festival Insel, Usedom, Germany.
• May 28. Festival Love, Scandiano, Italy.
• May 29. Festival OF4, Fidenza, Italy.
• June 3-4. Revolution Festival, Romania.
• June 10-12. Svicolando, Montecassiano, Italy.
• June 18-19. Alchemika, Perugia, Italy.
• June 23-24. La notte delle Streghe, San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy.
• June 25. Fontanincanto, Fontanellato, Italy.
• June 26. Borgonuovo, Bologna, Italy.
• July 1-2. Fantastika, Friestadt, Austria.
• July 7. Teatro del Cerchio, Parma, Italy.
• July 9, 10. Squinterno, Berceto, Italy.
• July 16-17. International Festival of Street Theater of Jelenia Gora, Poland.
• July 22, 25. Berlin Lacht, Berlin, Germany.
• August 27-31. Veroli Festival, Italy.
• August 4-7. Lonato in Festival, Italy.
• August 11-14. Apriti Borgo, Campignia Maritima, Italy.
• August 19-28. BuskerBus, Wroclaw, Zielona Gora, Zgorzelec y Krotoszyn, Poland.
• September 1,2. La luna nel pozzo, Caorle, Italy.
• September 3. Settimo Milanese, Italy.
• September 9-11. Regensburger Kulurpflaster, Regersburg, Germany.
• September 16-25. Festival Internacional de Circo de Montevideo, Uruguay.
• September 28-October 3. Encuentro Internacional de Mimo y Clown de Salta, Argentina.
• October 20-30. Festival Internacional Octubre Callejero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• November2-6. FestiCirco Bahía Blanca, Argentina.
• December 7-11. Festival de Circo de Londrina, Brazil.

• March 28-29, Festival Nacional Circo Callejero de Laprida, Argentina.
• April 2-5, Festival de Circo de Calle de Necochea, Argentina.
• May 22-23, Imaginarius, International Street Theater Festival of Santa María da Feira, Portugal.
• June 20-21, Veregra Street Festival, Montegranaro, Italy.
• June 3, Inernational gademusik and goglerevent, Esbjerg, Denmark.
• July 4, Uldum Gademusik Festival, Denmark.
• July 23-26, Festival Carnaval Sztuk-Mistrzow, Lublin, Poland.
• July 28 de Julio-2 de Agosto, Berlin Lacht, Germany.
• August 14-16, Jugglin Festival OFCA, Olésnica, Poland.
• August 21-23, Festival des Artistes de rue, Vevey, Switzerland.
• August 25-29, Ferrara Busker Festival, Italy.
• September 3-6, Diamico Festival, Reggio Emilia, Italy.
• December 4-6, Bangkok Street Show, Bangkok, Thailand.
• December 18-21, Mood Indigo, Mumbai, India.

• Veregra Street Festival, XVI edición. June, Montegranaro, Italy.
• Sarnico Busker Festival. July-August, Sarnico, Italy.
• Pianoro Buskers Festival. September, Pianoro, Italy.
• Festival Internazionale degli artisti di strada di Ostuni, September, • Ostuni, Italy.
• BuskerBus Festival, August, Polonia (Brzeg, Wroclaw, Zielona Gora, Zgorzelec).
• Monifest, Encuentro Internacional de Teatro y Títeres.
October-November, Mexico.
• 4º Festival Internacional Ozomatli, Arte Callejero y Circense.
November, Mexico City, Mexico.
• 5º Festi Sheca, Festival Autogestivo de Circo y Arte callejero. November, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• Festival Rodó Circo, Tercer Festival de Espectáculos de Calle a la gorra. December, Montevideo, Uruguay.
• Invited to participate of «Siza, Lado B». Winning work of the Fund for Street Theatre of the National Institute of Performing Arts (Instituto Nacional de Artes Escénicas). February-April, Uruguay.

• Séptima Convención Uruguaya de Malabares y Circo. November, Canelones, Uruguay.
• Festival Rodó Circo, Segundo Festival de Espectáculos de Calle a la gorra. December, Montevideo, Uruguay.
• Festival Internacional de Artes Escénicas. Part of the Work in progress of «La Fura del Baus» directed by Jürgen Müller. October, Montevideo, Uruguay.

• 6ª Convención Uruguaya de Malabares y Circo. November, Canelones, Uruguay.
• 16ª Convención Argentina de Circo, Payasos y Espectáculos Callejeros. November, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• 7º Festival Internacional de Circo Hazme Reir. December, Mar del Plata, Argentina.
• Festival Rodó Circo, Primer Festival de Espectáculos de Calle a la gorra. December, Montevideo, Uruguay.

• Megashow of «La Fura del Baus» directed by Carlus Padrissa, «O», presented at the Bicentennial of Uruguay. August, Montevideo, Uruguay.
• 5ª Convención Uruguaya de Malabares y Circo. November, Canelones, Uruguay.
• 15ª Convención Argentina de Circo, Payasos y Espectáculos Callejeros. November, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
• Festival Cultural de Zacateas. Zacatecas, Mexico.
• Segundo Encuentro de Circo del Norte. Torreón, Mexico.
• Barullo, Convención de artes circenses. Guadalajara, Mexico.
• Primer Festival Internacional Ozomatli. December, Mexico Ciy, México.
• Festival Internacional, Rodará. December, Puebla, Mexico.

• 4ª Circonvención Mexicana. June, Cuernavaca, Mexico.

• 4º Festival Sinergiarte. December, San Francisco, Nayarit, Mexico.


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