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International Festival of Street Theater
of Jelenia Gora.
July 2016.



23 International Street Theater of Arkhangelsk.



Festival Asfaltart,
June 2018



Bangkok Street Show.
December 2015



La Strada Augsburg
July 2018.



mayo 2018.


South Korea

International Mime and Clown Festival
South Korea.
May 2017.



Ragam Festival,
April 2016.



Buskers Chur
June 2017.



International Street Theater Festival of Santa María da Feira,
May 2015.

An explosive couple that conbines absurd comedy and circus skills.

Their professionalism, their particular esthetic, the powerfull personality of both characters, the big complicity with the audience, and the vertiginous rhythm of their acts make this a company unique in their specie.
They have participated in many different projects and companies, they work together since 2008.
All this and much more is what made them travel around the world nonstop!

Irene Carrier. The Hulahoop Bomb.
Irene Carrier

This sensual and fun diva dominates her hula hoops like a soccer player the ball. Señorita Nina not only suprises with her high technical performances (hard to find in a street show and with an international level), also with her huge charisma and her scenic presence -she is a light on stage- (says her best friend).

Joaquín Caride. Un profesional del humor.
Joaquín Caride

He is not only one meter and ninety five centimeters of energy, he is not only a spectacular face with incredible gesticulation, he is not only a hip movement, he is capable of getting all the audience into his pocket in the first five minutes of improvisation, and, even if no one believes it (not even him) he is an excellent juggler!.

The Show. Gulp. Dinamic, original and fun.

Wakes up the dead,
pulls you out of depression

(at least for 30 minutes)

Gulp is Clap Clap Circo´s second show, since 2009 they worked on “high voltage” until beginning of 2015 (when it was starting to work) it occurred to them to star working on something new, even till today they still wonder why they did it. But it wasn´t that bad after all, in less than two years they have performed their new show in almost 50 festivals around the world!
With a very theatrical mark, the show spins around a magical elixir. In the beggining the powers of this elixir seem not to work, but once the characters star drinking wantonly, it starts to have effect.
Going through what could be a frek show and magic satire (using elements such as whip, fire, escapism and fake magic), towards a demostration of incredible circus skills traditional style.
A very versatile show, with a strong bodily language wich makes it very universal. Suitable for all ages.

Fotos del espectáculo Gulp.

Since it is a travelling show, it does not have a lot of technical requirements:
A space of six by six meters, a good sound amplification system with a long minijack cable that arrives to the stage and a wireless hand microphone.
Its a street show perfectly apaptable to theaters or places inside.
It has a little part with fire manipulation wich can be substituted if needed.





Festivals. Around the World
Tour 2016

• May 17,18. Cu´fus Festival, Samobor, Croatia.
• June 8-10. Festival Asfaltart, Merano, Italy.
• June 16,17. Spiccioli Festival di teatro di Strada, Bataglia Terme, Italy.
• July 4-11. Biogard Street Music Festival, Croatia.
• July 12. FUC, Croatia.
• July 13. FUC, Croatia.
• July 14,15. Festival deglio artisti di strada, Marotta, Italy.
• July 20, 21. Travermunde, Germany.
• July 28, 29. La Strada Augsburg, Germany.
• August 4, 5. Kulturina, Germany.
• August 10, 11. Murenschalk, Austria.
• August 15. Ferragosto, Pennabilli, Italy.
• August 16. Fiuminarte, Fiuminata, Italy.
• August 17. Che Jella, Ripatransone, Italy.
• August 18. Il Paese dei Ballochi, Fano, Italy.
• August 23-25. Cucu Fest, Roana y Coreano, Italy.
• August 31, 1 - September 1, 2. La luna nell pozzo, Caorle, Italy.
• September 7. Kunsten Op Straat, Wierden, Holland.
• September 8. Kunste Op Straat, Almelo, Holland.
• September 15. Ettelbrooklyn, Ettelbrook, Luxembourg.
• September 21, 22. MamamitaFest, Alghero, Sardegna, Italy.
• December 1, 2. Butterworth fringe festival, Penang, Malaysia.
• December 8, 9. Johor, Malaysia.

• April 27-May 14. International Mime and Clown Festival, Incheon, Korea.
• May 18-20. Strassenkunst Festival, Wiener Neustadt, Austria.
• May 26-30. Shows in the circus tent of Circo Paniko, Reggio Emilia, Italy.
• June 9-10. BuskersChur, Chur, Switzerland.
• June 17-18. Cyrcopole, FAMA, Wroclaw, Poland.
• June 22-25. 23 International Street Theater of Arkhangelsk, Archangel, Russia.
• June 30. International gademusik and goglerevent, Esbjerg, Denmark.
• July 1. Uldum Gademusik Festival, Denmark.
• July 9. Gramoofon, Brzesc Kujaqski, Poland.
• July 12-16. 30° Mercantía, Certaldo, Italy.
• July 26-28. INART, Montenegro.
• July 29-30. Buschersdeis, Vernasca, Italy.
• August 4-6. Il Paese dei balocchi, Rosignano, Italy.
• August 7. Sognambula, Castagneto Carducci, Italy.
• August 12-13. Bondone in Strada, Bondone, Italy.
• August 14. Favolando per le valli, Castiglione dei Pepoli, Italy.
• August 19. Kultur auf des Strasse, Neu Ulm, Germany.
• August 25-27. FOF, Offida, Italy.
• September 1-2. StrasenFestival, Werne an der Lippe, Germany.
• September 8-9. Pflasterzauber, Hildesheimer, Germany.
• September 29-October 1. Clown&Clown Festival, Monte San Giusto, Italy.
• October 8. Le fiere del Teatro, Sarmede, Italy.
• October 12. San Pedro Clown, Argentina.
Irene Carrier y Joaquin Caride
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